About Me!

Omaha Tips: GodlikeRoy HeadshotHello! and welcome to my humble abode. I’m Roy, and this is my blog (duh). I spend most of my time playing poker on the web as a proud member of PokerStars: Team Online. If you’re keen on poker – check them out – they really are the best site in the world (in my not at all biased opinion).

When i’m not shuffling imaginary chips, or staring deep into the eyes of my adversaries’ avatars, i’m just living life. One day at a time, like everybody else. Finding my passion in food and healthy living, travel, video games and all sorts of random obsessions that never seem to last. It can be quite bizarre in fact – like the time I tried a polyphasic sleep schedule, or when I was convinced I would make my first million selling Pokemon cards. At least I was a child for that one. Alas, I do tend to lead an interesting life.. and I’ve grown quite fond of blogging about it.

Hmm. Re-reading what I just typed it looks like I just wrote a whole bunch of stuff that got you nowhere close to the “about me” I promised when you clicked that link. Oh well. While I go off and ponder a life in politics, why don’t you check out my blog?