Bone-In Ribeye Steak Take 3: Cast Iron Edition

Ask anyone who knows anything about cooking steak what pan to use and the answer will be an almost unanimous “Cast Iron!”. Ever since I begun cooking and starting my journey to the perfect steak I’ve been looking to get my hands on one — you wouldn’t think they would be difficult to find but for some reason nowhere in Sydney sells them. I must have gone through a dozen stores and another dozen websites simply looking for a basic cast iron skillet and they all let me down. My solution: Bring one back from Crate & Barrel in LA. For < $20 I got a pre-seasoned Lodge Cast Iron Skillet; luggage weight restrictions be damned!

Last night I took it for its first test spin. As always, pictures tell a thousand words, and you should all know the process by now anyway given my first two posts on the matter.

My pretties…

Steaks, Cast Iron Pan, Mushroom Sauce

Steaks, Cast Iron Pan, Mushroom Sauce

The steak hits the pan and the house goes up in smoke!

The steak hits the pan and the house goes up in smoke!

Throw some steak fries into the deep fryer..

Throw some steak fries into the deep fryer..

A closer look at the mushroom sauce (butter + onions + garlic + brown mushrooms + salt & pepper = omnomnom)

A closer look at the mushroom sauce reducing away (butter + onions + garlic + brown mushrooms + white wine + cream + salt & pepper = omnomnom)


All done!

Let's take a peak inside.. perfect!

Let’s take a peak inside.. perfect!

Meals really don't get much better than this

Meals really don’t get much better than this

So that was dinner for last night. I look forward to a long and healthy relationship with my new cast iron pan. As for how he panned out (har har har) last night, he done good. He done real good.

  • John

    You’re going to love your pan. Use it every chance you get and the seasoning will get better; eventually you’ll be able to cook eggs on it and they won’t stick.

    I’ve got only two skillets – both cast iron – and a cast iron dutch oven. If you enjoy slow-cooked meat, wait until you get your hands on a dutch oven .. a braiser’s dream come true!

    After turning on as low a flame as I can get, I’ll throw a seasoned hunk of pork in the dutch oven with a splash of chicken stock and flip it every hour until it starts to fall apart. Effortless and tasty.

    • GodlikeRoy

      Thanks for the tips! Yeah I would like to eventually get a cast iron dutch oven too, but that’ll be a bit further down the line.

      That pork sounds delicious.

  • Chris

    We find a lot of cast iron at Antique dealers. We wire brush it, re-season and it’s good as new! But better, ’cause someone’s granny used it and it has olden days charm. :)

    We like our Lodge cast iron too.

    We’re making This tonight, but we’ll be putting the pan on the BBQ grill for the sear and then closing the lid. can’t wait. nice pictures!

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  • monkeySam

    a tip for the meat, add a little butter to the pan when the steak it is almost cooked, it will be having a nice flavor!

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